Counting Crows Frontman Adam Duritz Unloads On 'Freeloaders' Set

Adam DuritzJust before making his day's first appearance on-set, "Counting Crows" lead singer Adam Duritz stopped to chat with MTV News in his trailer during the filming of his upcoming "Freeloaders."

Coming off a very late night of shooting the day before, Adam was nonetheless very energetic when it came to talking about his move from music to film and ended up chatting for nearly an hour about the project and how important it is to him.

Produced by Broken Lizard and Adam himself, the film focuses on a group of friends who have lived so long crashing on a rock star's floor (Duritz, guest-starring as himself) that they have no idea what to do when the star announces that he's moving and selling his Hollywood mansion.

Duritz found himself in the unlikely position of becoming a producer when friends Dan Rosen and Dave Gibbs turned out a screenplay he loved and were faced with production problems just prior to last year's writers' strike. By buying the option the day before the strike began, Adam was free to raise money for the project as an independent. When Broken Lizard stepped in post-strike, Adam knew that they had found a perfect partner.

"It was clear to me that they were really good," says Adam. "They have an amazing track record. They're four for four and they've done them all on low budgets."

Less-immediate was Adam's decision to step in front of the camera, but he reluctantly took up the role if it meant that he could make fun himself.

"I didn't want to [act]. I was not originally in the script. It was supposed to be off-screen telephone calls, which I was hesitant about but okay with. But then we did the reading and it came off really well and the Lizard guys loved it. Then everyone started talking about, 'Well, if you can act, we want you in the movie.'"

The experience has been perfect so far and Adam has plans to work with Broken Lizard again in the near future, though he's not about to give up on the music side of things in favor of producing. "Counting Crows" have recorded a number of songs for "Freeloaders", including a new rendition of "Hanging Around", a song that Adam says sums up the film perfectly.

"[It] couldn't be more what this movie is all about...It's never going to end. There's still people in my house to this day."

What do you think about Adam taking a turn at acting? What other musicians would you like to see take a stab at filmmaking? Share your thoughts below!