Vampire Showdown: James Marsters On 'Buffy''s Spike Vs. 'Twilight''s Edward

James MarstersIn one corner, the bleached blonde "Buffy" vampire punk. In the other, the mysterious Edward Cullen of "Twilight" fame. So what happens when vampires clash and only one can be left standing? For that, we turned to James Marsters -- who played Spike for seven years on both "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Angel" and who stars as Lord Piccolo in April 10th's "Dragonball: Evolution."

"I'm not aware of a split," said Marsters diplomatically, explaining that there's definitely crossover between "Buffy" and "Twilight" fans including he himself who has read the "Twilight" books with his family.

"My niece started 'Twilight' and she was convinced that Edward was based on Spike," Marsters laughed, "I thought that was fabulous. I'm her guardian and that's just fine if she thinks that way."

But when it comes to showdown, Marsters had to admit that it's going to be a pretty close fight.

"Hmmm..," preceded a long pause as he seemed to really consider the situation in detail, "Edward seems to be a character who's good at fighting but is trying to find the other areas of experience. Whereas Spike was addicted to fighting. That's how he defined himself. I would think that Spike has a little more experience. He probably has a few fights up his belt."

Mark that one down for Spike. Though Marsters admits that there's a chance Edward could take the upper hand.

"It's usually the guy who connects first. If Edward swung first and I wasn't looking in the right direction..."

"Twilight" fans, are you gonna take this lying down? "Buffy" fans, are you satisfied with the result? Share your play-by-plays below!