Kristen Stewart Drops F Bombs, Disses Co-Stars on Twitter - Or Does She?

Kristen StewartOMG! Did you guys know that Kristen Stewart is on Twitter? Just like so many other movie stars, including ass-aficionados Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore, the “Twilight” star is reaching out to her public and giving us the latest reports as she heads back to Vancouver to film “New Moon.” Or is she?

“Rob and i have become youtube geeks, it's so awesomely wierd [sic]!” tweeted ‘kristensss” recently. And when a fan asked her last week which store she’d turn up in for the big “Twilight” weekend DVD festivities, she replied: “I'm not allowed to say where I'm going to but yes the whole cast will be at different ones.”

Kristen even recently Tweeted about her jet-setting movie star lifestyle, as well as going to Europe for costume fittings. “A jet to italy, we did a script runthrough, we got custumes fitted, etc. It all standard pre-production stuff. We then flew back,” she explained. And, discussing her bff Nikki Reed, she revealed: “Nikki is on a diet because she has slight wieght issues, I however just eat what evr the f--k i like when i like.”

But if these Tweets sound too good to be true, it’s because they are. And “kristensss,” who currently has 4,917 followers, is a phony.

“She does not Twitter or Facebook or anything,” was the response we got from reps for the real KStew when we approached them. “[And] they haven't even gone to Italy yet.”

For those accustomed to fake celebrity pages on MySpace and Facebook, the thought of a phony Kristen Stewart might be greeted with a resounding “duh!” But with so many flesh-and-blood celebs embracing the brave new world of Twitter, and with various sites running articles on how you can follow everyone from Jon Favreau to Diddy, it’s easier than ever for people to pretend they’re famous for awhile.

Why do they do it? Your guess is as good as mine, but while some Twitter accounts happily admit that they’re phony and thereby make them fun to follow, there’s a certain sadness to anyone who feels the need to pretend they’re a movie star.

Sorry to rain on your parade, Twilighters, but we at MTV try to set the record straight whenever we can. And if fake “kristensss” has invited you to meet up with her in Italy, you might not want to go buying that plane ticket just yet.

How do you feel about people who pretend to be celebrities on Twitter and Facebook?