Marc Forster Went Around The World For 'Quantum of Solace'

Daniel Craig in 'Quantum of Solace'The Daniel Craig era of James Bond films kicked off a sea change for the franchise, confronting an era of modern-day terrorist operations and mixed national and corporate loyalties. Keeping Bond's adventures timely and relevant isn't the only challenge confronting filmmakers, though, according to the director from "Quantum of Solace." Keeping audiences wowed by Bond film locales is also becoming increasingly difficult.

"In a sense, Bond films lived because of locations," director Marc Forster told MTV News. "They’re sort of characters in the movies, so to find Bond locations these days is getting trickier and trickier."

Selecting locations is a major focus of the bonus features showcased on the "Quantum of Solace" 2-disc special edition, released recently along with the single-disc DVD and Blu-ray editions. Forster credits the Internet for making movie audiences more aware of the world around them.

"People have traveled so much more these days," Forster said. "With the Internet they’re so much more aware of the world."

The filming locations in "Quantum of Solace" spanned Europe, as well as Central and South America, where shooting visited Mexico, Panama and Chile. Forster set out to find powerful landscapes as well as local casts of extras to imbibe the 22nd Bond movies' scenes with natural spectacles as well as authenticity depicting the cultures it was set around.

"You can’t really do that in a lot of movies," Forster explained, recalling the priority he made of making sure “the characters really were from that part of the world” in any given street scene.

"I wanted the locations to speak for themselves," he noted, citing Austrian opera scene in Bergenz as another example. "I saw that eye and I said, ‘Oh my God, this is so Bond. We need to shoot there.’”

The eye appeared as a backdrop for the Puccini opera "Tosca," which provides an epic environment for one of the chase scenes in "Quantum of Solace." Forster pointed out that eye also served as a cost-effective option for the film's production, since the set was already constructed.

"That would have been way too expensive," he said, calling the eye too costly to have made it into the budget otherwise.

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