Alex Proyas Was Early Fan Of Sci-Fi Epic 'Tripods'

'Tripods'Alex Proyas has a host of options in front him following last month’s release of his new Nicholas Cage film "Knowing." In addition to tinkering with Dracula’s origin story in "Dracula: Year 0," the "I, Robot" and "Dark City" director has his eye on John Christopher's classic sci-fi trilogy "The Tripods."

"I actually read it at the age that the characters in the story were, which is about twelve," Proyas told MTV News. "It really struck a nerve with me."

The series of novels, which began with 1968's "The Pool of Fire" and went on to be produced as a TV series in the 1980s by the BBC, follows a human resistance movement under the tyranny of an alien conquest. With three core books and a prequel volume to pull stories from, there is potential for a film franchise to emerge.

"It's something I'm working on at the moment," the director explained regarding the first script. "We’re about to go into the second draft stage."

Proyas briefly discussed his approach to the film, which would be the first in at least a trilogy, even if he has to shoot the film independently. "It’s a big post-apocalyptic world with a lot of CGI and all sorts of craziness," he said.

It's been a while since anyone launched a new sci-fi space trilogy on the big screen. If Proyas' childhood affection for the "Tripods" series pays off, there will definitely be a horde of sci-fi space junkies ready to eat these films up.

Do you think Alex Proyas is a good pick to direct a trilogy of "Tripods" films? What do you want to see him get right adapting the series for the big screen? Share your reactions in the comment section below!