Drew Barrymore Shoots 'Whip It,' Stares at 'Eclipse' -- Does She Have What it Takes?

Drew BarrymoreDrew Barrymore has been starring in films for nearly thirty years; now, she’s finally ready to start directing them.

As any good Twilighter knows, rumors broke recently that her upcoming rollerskating flick “Whip It!” is so good that it has Summit Entertainment contemplating hiring her to direct “Eclipse.” And with that Ellen Page-starring film hitting theaters in October, we wanted to know what important directorial lessons she employed while becoming a filmmaker.

“As a director, I worked scrupulously and endlessly for months and months and months before we started shooting,” Barrymore explained of her “Whip It!” preparation. “And I would get to work at least one to two hours early.”

Talk about dedication! By the looks and sounds of it, Drew Barrymore might have what it takes to make “Eclipse” watchers very happy.

“I was shot-listed, storyboarded, and completely prepared on every single level,” she said of the flick, which co-stars Juliette Lewis, Kristen Wiig, Eve and herself. “So that we could have as much fun as possible.”

“Every second counts,” Barrymore said, sounding as if she were already auditioning for her supposed “Twilight” gig. “And the room for weakness is just not allowed when you’re directing.”

Now the big question is this one: Will she be as successful at directing as she has been at acting? With “Whip It!” on the way, and a possible rendezvous with Edward Cullen and Bella Swan to follow, we’ll know soon enough.

Based on her comments and what you know about her acting and producing efforts, do you think Drew Barrymore has what it takes to direct “Eclipse”?