Danielle Panabaker Becomes A Sci-Fi 'Prodigy' In High School Of The Future

Danielle PanabakerNow that her slasher flick "Friday the 13th" has slaughtered the box office competition, fast-rising scream queen Danielle Panabaker is setting her sights on another hopeful box-office monster: “The Mask” director Chuck Russell's upcoming sci-fi flick "Prodigy."

“It’s an action thriller,” summed up the actress, perhaps best known for playing Kevin Costner’s psychotic “Mr. Brooks” daughter.

"It's about this high school forty years in the future," Panabaker said of “Prodigy,” which is produced by several of the names behind the recent horror hit “The Strangers.” "Where [the students] are bred to be the best of the best. They are supposed to be the most beautiful, the most talented, the strongest. They're medicated, fed, and monitored."

In typical Pinky and the Brain fashion, however, "Someone tries to take over the world, and the whole system comes crashing down," said the 21-year-old actress.

Panabaker will play a senator's daughter who begins to question her powers after some prominent alumni turn up dead. When a student begins looking into the puzzling disappearances, it leads him to a rebellious student.

“He’s a young actor by the name of Max Thieriot, who is in Wes Craven’s next movie,” Panabaker said of her co-star cast as the rebel. “So that’s it [as far as casting] so far.”

But don’t worry, “Push” haters. Although these youngsters have developed some extraordinary skills, you won't see Panabaker moving things with her mind or erasing people’s memories; instead, her character simply gets to kick some serious butt. "No superpowers," she laughed. "I'm just super-powerful."

In order to prep for the role, the “Friday” actress will have to undergo the sort of vigorous physical training that might even make Jason cry for help.

"I'm really excited to be doing fight training for a month," Panabaker beamed, looking forward to becoming a boot camp prodigy before the film shoots in Spain this summer. "It'll be great.”

Does Danielle have what it takes to be the next big action star?

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