Top Fives With 'The Haunting Of Connecticut' Star Amanda Crew

Amanda CrewContributed by Kathleen Newman-Bremang

Amanda Crew believes in ghosts. And it looks like this weekend’s moviegoers did too -- or at least they like a good ol’ haunted house tale. "The Haunting In Connecticut," the latest based-on-a-true-story horror flick to hit theatres, dominated its genre, breaking Lionsgate’s opening day record for a non-sequel horror pic.

Crew may be best known for roles in MTV-friendly blockbusters "She’s The Man" and "Sex Drive," but “Haunting” marks her first fear-inducing film. When we talked to the Canadian-born actress recently, she dished on everything from "Twilight," her nickname for co-star Virginia Madsen and the cast’s behind-the-scenes jitters to what gives her the heebie jeebies.

So without further adieu, here’s our top fives with The Haunting Of Connecticut’s Amanda Crew:

Five Behind-The-Scenes Tidbits

1. The cast stayed in a haunted hotel while the movie was shot in Winnipeg. Too perfect, right? Crew says the film’s star Kyle Gallner didn’t have any trouble drawing inspiration from the fitting location. “Kyle would be in the shower and hear voices. One night, he even said it felt like someone crawled into bed with him!”

2. Oscar-nominee Virginia Madsen took the cast under her wing. “I call her V-Momma,” Crew says. “She rented this big boat and we drank and just cruised down the river; she threw us a bowling party. She’s awesome.”

3. Every good horror flick has an even better shower scene. So what does Crew want the world to know about that scene? “I’m not naked! It’s PG-13, people. Come on!”

4. In another scene involving an axe (in which Amanda is fully clothed), the actress says the prop came a little too close for her liking. “My nose almost got chopped off!”

5. Crew' moved to Los Angeles from Vancouver after "The Haunting" wrapped and now shares an apartment with Madsen's producing partner.

Five Things That Scare Amanda Crew

1. “This is terrible but the first thing that popped into my head was Paris Hilton. She’s scary!” Crew laughs.

2. Chinese crested hairless dogs (Google at own risk).

3. Butterflies. ”When they flutter by your head it’s the grossest noise ever!”

4. The Ocean. “I got pulled under when I was a kid so waves scare me.”

5. Ghosts. “If you tell me somewhere is haunted, I automatically get freaked out,” she says.

Five Things You Should Know About Amanda Crew

1. She has a tattoo of a freckle. “It’s literally a dot on the inside of my wrist. I got it purely for moments like this so I can say I have a tattoo and it hurt like hell!”

2. She loves the "Twilight" books but doesn’t daydream about Robert Pattinson. “Robert actually came to the premiere of 'Sex Drive' and I had no idea who he was at the time. I was like, who’s this really serious looking dude on the red carpet?” she laughs.

3. She’s obsessed with MGMT, Kings of Leon and Lykke Li.

4. She doesn’t have cable.

5. “People think I’m really together but I’m actually the biggest dork in the world.”

Did you go see "The Haunting" this weekend? What did you think of Amanda's horror movie debut? Sound off!