Matthew McConaughey Goes To Court As 'The Lincoln Lawyer'

Matthew McConaugheyOnce upon a time, Matthew McConaughey was known more for playing brainy Southern lawyers than living his life half-naked and happy-go-lucky. But he's returning to the world of legal briefs and thrillers, as he's signed on to star in Lakeshore Entertainment's "The Lincoln Lawyer."

According to Variety, the film is based on Michael Connolly's 2005 bestseller. The story centers on a low-level criminal defense lawyer named Mickey Haller, who finds himself representing a wealthy client named Louis Roulet against assault charges.

Roulet and his wealthy mother will pay Mickey anything to get him off the hook -- but as he goes digging for evidence, he uncovers a connection to a man named Jesus Menendez, who sits in prison after Mickey mishandled his case.

A character like Mickey Haller is probably the one way McConaughey can get back into the legal game and be taken seriously. Haller works out of the back of his Lincoln towncar (hence the name), is on friendly terms with two ex-wives, and is unsure whether he could ever truly recognize innocence in a client. He's plagued with a few demons, like the Jesus Menendez case, and it will be interesting to see if McConaughey digs into that ... or plays it as a surfer lawyer working out of a car.

Readers, do you want to see McConaughey return to the kind of thrillers that launched his career? Has his real life slacker persona taken over to the point that he won't be believable? Can he make a comeback from comedies to drama?