EXCLUSIVE: Lindelof Says No 'Next Gen' Cast In 'Star Trek,' Talks Running Time And Sequels

Star TrekReports out of the IDW Publishing panel at San Francisco's WonderCon this year launched rumors that J.J. Abrams might be sneaking a few "Star Trek: The Next Generation" cast members into his May reboot of the "Star Trek" film franchise. Straight talk from producer Damon Lindelof, however, indicates that those looking for Patrick Stewart, Brent Spiner or Wil Wheaton in their Trek stories should stick to the comic books.

"Data is featured in one of the prequel comics," Lindelof told MTV News. "But we do not want to mislead the public into thinking they’ll see next gen cameos."

Cryptic hints emerged from the WonderCon panel, according to LatinoReview, who indicated that a storyline involving "Next Generation" cast members might cross over into Abrams' movie, which is now done, according to Lindelof.

"The actual content of the movie is at about exactly 2 hours," Lindelof said, indicating that he had just completed work on "final tweaks to the sound mix" with Abrams and fellow producer Bryan Burke. In discussing the film's score, he remained tight-lipped about precisely how the Original Series' theme music would be integrated into the film, but gave a small tease.

"Where we use it in the film it works," he offered. "I would say it is used very specifically and at exactly the right time."

Abrams will be taking big chances with Star Trek's dedicated fans by reseting the universe's continuity and recasting its established characters when "Star Trek" launches in May. Just how well he was able to balance classic elements with his fresh take on the TV series and movies will remain to be seen when it hits theaters. But as Lindelof tells, there may be big payoffs for everyone if the reboot is a success.

"Ideas have been thrown around that are very informal at this point," Lindelof stated. "Hopefully there will be a couple more movies if its successful."

Were you hoping Abrams would fit a few "Next Generation" characters into the new film? What are your expectations like now that its release is just over a month away? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!