EXCLUSIVE: Public Enemy May Hit Theaters As Animated Feature Film

Public Enemy graphic novelFROM SPLASH PAGE: We’ve seen our share of comic books heroes make the jump from the four-color page to the silver screen over the years, but could we be on the verge of seeing a comic book enemy — better yet, Public Enemy — heading to the multiplex?

While we’re not in the habit of breaking stories based on anonymous sources, a tipster dropped us a line recently and mentioned that the faces of the iconic rap crew — Chuck D and Flavor Flav — are in talks with a major animation studio to produce a feature film based on the band and their recent comic book exploits, with an all-new P.E. album being recorded for the movie. A second, very reliable source then backed up the original tipster’s claim, stating a script is indeed in the works, adding, “The first ‘Public Enemy’ graphic novel collection comes out in May and there is a lot of interest from Hollywood.”

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