Tom Cruise Woos Cameron Diaz For Untitled Romantic Comedy

Tom CruiseTom Cruise and Cameron Diaz just might save James Mangold's romantic comedy from expiring forever. According to Variety, the actors are in talks to join a Fox comedy that has changed titles and casts a few times over already.

Now untitled, but once known as "Trouble Man" and "Wichita", the story centers on that romantic comedy staple: a woman who has terrible luck with men. A blind date introduces her to a handsome and mysterious man, and their paths end up intertwined. From the old "Trouble Man" title, I'm guessing that "paths intertwined" isn't in the star crossed, Edward and Bella sense, but in something a little more dangerous or weird.

The film was once set to fly with director Tom Dey, and starring Chris Klein and Eva Mendes. The script has undergone several rewrites before and after that incarnation fizzled, including one by Frank and Dana Fox, the scriptwriters behind Diaz and Ashton Kutcher's comedy "What Happens in Vegas." It's now being redone by Scott Frank, who put the words in Cruise's mouth for "Minority Report." With so many familiar friends, no wonder Cruise and Diaz are interested.

Nothing is finalized yet, as it's one of several that Cruise is considering for his next star vehicle. Considering how eager he has been to remake himself in the comedic mold after "Tropic Thunder", it wouldn't be surprising if he was already signing on the dotted line.

MTV readers, what do you think of Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise pairing up onscreen? Is Cruise on the right track for a comeback by choosing lighter films? Could this be another "Jerry Maguire" for him?