'Where The Wild Things Are' Trailer Comes to Hairy, Scary Life

'Where the Wild Things Are'Parents have been reading it for decades. Children have been dreaming about it for generations. We’ve been following the development of the movie for what seems like forever. And now, we finally have our first glimpse at “Where the Wild Things Are.”

Fueled with the distinctive tones of “Wake Up” by Arcade Fire, this first trailer gives us a good look at the October 16th movie directed by “Being John Malkovich” filmmaker Spike Jonze (click here to watch the "Where the Wild Things Are" trailer). Following reports that the movie was too intense for children, being re-edited and re-shot, fans of the 1963 Maurice Sendak children’s book had feared the worst. But judging by this new trailer, we could still be looking at some beautiful “Things” come the fall.

Jonze has said in interviews that, as a child, he always dreamed of rising on the back of a Wild Thing. It seems only appropriate, then, that the trailer begins with Max (played by newcomer Max Records) clutching tightly to his hairy ride.

“I didn’t want to wake you up,” the enormous monster says to him. “But I really want to show you something.”

What follows are mostly silent clips featuring Max in his classroom, dreaming of a boat ride, and wearing his signature wolf costume as he watches his mother (Catherine Keener) from afar. His home life is contrasted impressively by the simple visions of Max running alongside the Wild Things after he is crowned their king, making his way through the forest and on the beach.

“Inside all of us is hope,” reads the movie’s trailer taglines. “Inside all of us is fear.”

“Inside all of us is adventure,” the theme continues, showing Max’s boat battling a swirling river, and then the boy and the monsters being hunted. “Inside all of us is a wild thing.”

The eye-popping scenes include some great footage of the creatures tossing each other around in the woods, as well as what looks like a mid-air snowball (or something) fight. If the movie came out half as cool as this trailer, Jonze and actors Paul Dano, Forest Whitaker, James Gandolfini and Mark Ruffalo may have just made our dreams come true after all.

What do you think? Does this trailer give you faith that “Where the Wild Things Are” will be as cool again as when you first read it?