'G.I. Joe' Movie's Cobra Commander Revealed In New Toy Images?

'GI Joe'G.I. Joe's arch-nemesis Cobra Commander appears to be getting a facemask overhaul for the Real American Heroes' August release of "G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra." Last month, the team's PIT Mobile Headquarters from the movie toy line revealed a few details about the film.

Now, pictures of a G.I. Joe Movie Cobra Commander toy figure potentially offer the first look at what the villain being played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt will look like, while the back of the toy's packaging could contain a few spoilers regarding the character's origin in the film. Read on for details... and quite a few POTENTIAL SPOILERS!

"The deviously brilliant leader of COBRA demands complete allegiance from his followers as he works toward his ultimate goal of controlling the world," the description reads on the card posted by HISSTank.com. "He hides a deadly secret few others know, just as his mask covers disfiguring damage from a fiery accident."

'GI Joe'

Gordon-Levitt confirmed for MTV News last year that Cobra Commander would be wearing a mask for the movie and feature "hours of prosthetic makeup" that would turn him into "a different creature altogether."

The look of this new action figure certainly corroborate those claims, opting for a look far outside the range of costumes that the character has donned in the past. The product description also says that the toy will come armed with a "M.A.R.S. Industries radical exponential nano-injector system," dropping a few vocabulary terms that may be useful for Joe fans gearing up for the film.

The card also sports images of Conrad "Duke" Hauser, Snake Eyes, Shana "Scarlet" O'Hara, Storm Shadow (in COBRA regalia) and an Ice-Viper -- all of which lend credence to Gordon-Levitt's assessment that the film will be anything but an "exact replica of the cartoon."

What do you think of Cobra Commander's new look for the "G.I. Joe" film? Do you see anything surprising in the new action figure's description? Share your reactions in the comment section below!