Day Two: On The 'Halloween 2’ Set With Rob Zombie And 200 Scary Extras

Day Two of my visit to the set of Rob Zombie's "H2: Halloween 2” starts out earnestly enough. I park my rental car in a rural Georgia town and approach the building where the crew will be shooting a large Halloween rave. That it was a Rob Zombie film became quickly evident when I encountered my first evil clown.

Hundreds of extras were gathered for what's probably the film's largest single shoot, each dressed in a unique outfit and adoirned in body paint and intricately applied make-up.

I'd spend more than seven hours on the set, during which time I chatted with Zombie, his lead actress Scout Taylor-Compton and Michael Myers himself, the unmistakable Taylor Mayne. Each spoke of the freedom they had this time around, unshackled from Carpenter's original film. This is a Zombie picture through and through, so expect a much darker movie than his first "Halloween."

We'll be rolling out a lot more from our set visit in the weeks ahead, so be sure to stay tuned to for videos and interviews from the set. In the meantime, here's me in front of Rob Zombie's vision of a large scary pumpkin.