Meet The Growing Cast Of 'New Moon'

Yesterday we reported the news that Chris Weitz cast the Wolf Pack -- the Native American entourage of Taylor Lautner -- with relative unknowns who will make their big screen debuts in "New Moon." Official photos are surprisingly not easy to come by, but the power of Google has helped Twilighters figure out what everyone looks like.

General consensus is positive, if your comments in yesterday's blog are any indication, with special appreciation that Weitz chose to cast actors of Native American descent as the Native Americans in the film.

As we obtain photos of Chaske Spencer, Bronson Pelletier, Alex Meraz, Kiowa Gordon and Tyson Houseman, we will add them to our growing "New Moon" casting photo gallery, so keep checking back for updates. (Check out Tyson Houseman's headshot after the jump, plus more of the announced cast in our "New Moon" casting photo gallery.)

The next casting question is, who else will join Dakota Fanning to make up the rest of the Volturi? And what will they look like?

(Click here to browse the "New Moon" cast photo gallery!)

Have casting ideas for Aro, Alec, Caius, Demetri and the rest? Discuss in the comments below!