Tom Hanks Looks Towards Outer Space For 'Major Matt Mason'

Tom HanksThe lure of the toys-into-movies trend is such that not even Tom Hanks is immune! According to Variety, Hanks is set to play 1970s action figure Major Matt Mason in a Universal live action movie. Graham Yost is writing the script, and Hanks will produce under his Playtone banner.

Unlike "Transformers" or "Stretch Armstrong," Matt Mason isn't a figure a lot of us played with, as he was originally developed in the 1960s to ride the NASA buzz.

Mason was the leader of an astronaut team (which was surprisingly multi-ethnic for the '60s) that lived and worked on the moon, and fought a few hostile aliens. He was the hottest thing going in the years leading up to NASA's first trip to the moon and wasn't retired until the 1970s. Despite being retired for so long, Matt Mason is remembered very fondly. A mint Mason is an "unofficial crewman" on many NASA flights, and one even flew with John Glenn in his final Shuttle flight in 1998.

If you were going to hire Hanks to be a toy, it should be this one. Not only does Hanks have toys and astronauts on his resume, he also brought his own Major Matt Mason figure to the pitch meeting with Mattel.

Readers, is this the perfect toy for Hanks to play, given his "Toy Story" and "Apollo 13" past? Is this just too retro for you to be interested? Are you sick of the toy-to-movies trend already?