'New Moon' Finds Its Wolf Pack!

'Twilight'If you follow Stephenie Meyer's official website, you might have already heard this news, but we're bringing it to you anyway. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Chris Weitz has cast the Wolf Pack for "New Moon", all of whom will make their big screen debut in the "Twilight" sequel.

Joining the humans of Forks, Washington (and fellow werewolf Taylor Lautner) in their fight against the vampires will be: Chaske Spencer, Bronson Pelletier, Alex Meraz, Kiowa Gordon and Tyson Houseman. All the actors are of Native American descent, with Sioux, Purepecha and Hualapai being the tribes represented among the new cast members. That's a good thing for fans of the series and the Native American community, and it's been one of the major perks of the "Twilight" name. The series is a big enough draw that Summit can focus on casting the characters appropriately rather than landing big star power.

They may be newcomers now, but "New Moon" may make them instant celebrities, especially among the Twilighters here at the MTV Movies Blog. We'll undoubtedly be getting to know them one by one over the course of filming -- and filming is getting closer every day.

Now, if Summit could just announce who is directing "Eclipse" ...

Twilighters, are you happy to see another piece of the "New Moon" cast fall into place? Are you excited to meet the Wolf Pack? Which characters are you still dying to see cast?