Anne Hathaway Gets 'Happy' On Stage and Screen as Judy Garland

Anne HathawayAnne Hathaway is a brave woman. Not only is she tackling the daunting task of portraying the legendary Judy Garland, she's doing it on two fronts. According to Variety, Hathaway has signed to portray Garland onstage and onscreen in an adaptation of Gerald Clark's biography "Get Happy" for The Weinstein Company. It's not clear which will go into production first, but they are toying with the idea of starting with a film, and using the same director for both projects.

The combination of Clark's book and Hathaway's involvement is already attracting directors, screenwriters, and songwriters eagerly lining up to help Hathaway (in the words of studio VP Ben Famiglietti) "put her own stamp" on Garland's story.

You can see why this would attract major attention. Garland has never gotten the major biographic treatment, just a television movie in 2001, and as secondary character in Broadway's "The Boy from Oz." For Hathaway to play her is huge -- and it's not as though the actress is hurting in the buzz department. After all, she was not only nominated for an Oscar this year, but she also proved she had the necessary singing chops during the ceremony itself.

Hathaway has toyed with going musical before. She's been attached to a few Broadway musicals, including the recent revival of "Guys and Dolls", but has clearly waited for not only the right part, but the biggest. It's the kind of role that has no wiggle room, and could send her home with gold statues ... or be the blackest mark on her resume. Let's wish her luck.

MTV readers, do you think Anne Hathaway will make a good Judy Garland? What do you think of her tackling it on stage and screen? Will she spread herself too thin?