'Lost Boys' Threequel On The Way, Corey Feldman To Return

Corey Feldman in 'Lost Boys The Tribe'Contributed by Josh Wigler

Good news for all you vampire and Frog lovers – "The Lost Boys" are coming back. Bloody Disgusting reports that Evan Charnov has been tapped to write the screenplay for "The Lost Boys 3," the sequel to 2008's direct-to-DVD "Lost Boys: The Tribe." Not only will series veteran Corey Feldman executive produce and act in the movie, but his character Edgar Frog is set to take a front and center role.

"We're told this film will actually focus on Feldman's popular character," Bloody Disgusting reports. As if the news couldn't possibly be better for "Lost Boys" fans, Moviehole spilled the beans that Jamison Newlander will reprise his role as Alan Frog, Feldman's brother in the series.

The actor previously filmed scenes for "Lost Boys: The Tribe," though his performance was ultimately an alternate ending bonus feature. "Lost Boys 3" will mark the character's first official return to the series, as well as the first on-screen reunion of the fan favorite Frog Brothers. The vampire hunters previously reunited for "The Lost Boys: Reign of Frogs," a four-issue comic book mini-series released by Wildstorm.

Bloody Disgusting points out that Corey Haim's return to the franchise is "highly, highly unlikely at this point in time." The actor previously starred in "The Lost Boys" and filmed a cameo appearance for "Lost Boys: The Tribe," despite rumors of difficulty getting the actor on board the movie.

No other cast or crew announcements have been revealed at this time, but given the series' history, it's a good bet that you'll see a Sutherland in some capacity – whether they can get Kiefer off the clock as Jack Bauer for one more vampire romp remains to be seen.

Are you psyched for another "Lost Boys" movie or do you think it's going to suck? Get it? Suck? Like vampires? We'll leave the jokes up to you in the comments section.