'Twilight' Director Takes A 'Maximum Ride' For Teen Fantasy Pic

Catherine HardwickeWe know Catherine Hardwicke favors stories about teenagers, but her "Twilight" experience must have left a lasting love of the supernatural, because she's set to tackle another spooky series -- and it even has werewolves! According to The Hollywood Reporter, she is in talks to direct "Maximum Ride", a film based on James Patterson's five volume fantasy series. Don Payne ("Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer") is currently penning the screenplay and Patterson is on board as one of the producers.

The series centers around five teens (Max, Fang, Iggy, Nudge, the Gasman, and Angel) known as the Flock, who are normal in most respects except that they're genetically altered to be 2% bird. (Think wings, not beaks.) They grew up in a sinister lab called The Institute, learn to fly, and escape thanks to a kindly scientist.

In the outside world, they're on their own, and they must evade a pack of creatures called The Erasers. Part human and part wolf, the Erasers are on a mission to eliminate the winged teens, who seek to learn just why they were genetically altered, and what they were meant for.

Whether or not you agreed with her take on "Twilight", you have to admire Hardwicke for being one of the few female directors in the industry, and for helping to make the series and its stars a household name. Let's hope she keeps finding fantasy projects like this, and breaking box office records.

MTV Readers and Twilighters, will you continue to follow Hardwicke's career after "Twilight"? Are any of you familiar with this series already? If not, does Hardwicke's involvement tempt you to pick it up? Share your thoughts below.