Forget Kristen Stewart - Ryan Reynolds Eager to Work With 'Dreamy' Robert Pattinson

He’s married to one of the most beautiful women in the world, and has established the type of successful Hollywood career that usually has actors excited to work with him. Yet, Ryan Reynolds’ new film “Adventureland” was a thrill to the 32-year-old star for a reason you might not expect: It brought him one step closer to Robert Pattinson.

“I love ‘Twilight’,” insisted the star, who shares some steamy moments in April 3rd’s “Adventureland” with Kristen Stewart. “Oh my God are you kidding me? Robert Pattinson in a word: dreamy.”

Reynolds got to live out his very own “Twilight” fantasy while filming the coming-of-age drama about a college kid (Jesse Eisenberg) in the Eighties working at a run-down summer amusement park, as his character is a burned-out handyman having an affair with a girl nearly half his age – who just happens to look a lot like Bella Swan. But he insisted that the love scenes with KStew weren’t awkward, since she comes across as so much older.

“She’s an old, old soul,” Reynolds said of the Kristen Stewart. “Sometimes I wonder if she’s one of the Golden Girls with a great face lift.”

“I can’t believe how wise she is,” he added. “I feel pretty strongly that she’s going to fix our contracting economy.”

Asked if he wants to make a movie someday with RPattz, the “Van Wilder” star said “Sure.” It was his next comment, however, that might make Scarlett Johansson tear up any buddy-comedy scripts that could potentially pair the two actors.

“Oh are you kidding me?” Reynolds grinned when asked if he’d like to shoot scenes opposite the hunky Brit. “Look, I’m not gay - but I’m thinking about it.”

Would you like to see Ryan Reynolds in the next RPattz drama? RPattz in the next Ryan Reynolds comedy? Or the two stars together in something along the lines of a “Brokeback” sequel?