'MacGyver' Movie Coming, Will Be Filmed With Rotary Dial Phone, Paper Clip & Dental Floss

Earlier this year, we brought you the news that The A-Team was reforming on the big screen courtesy of Ridley Scott and Joe Carnahan. Now they've got some '80s competition -- and considering how deadly he is with a toothpick and some bubble gum, they better watch out. Yes, that's right: We're getting MacGyver, the Movie.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, New Line is developing the television series into a feature film, with an eye to turning it into a "global franchise." It's being put together by the De Laurentiis family and the series original creator, Lee Zlotoff. They're currently looking for a writer who can honor the character's place in pop culture while still making a solid adventure movie.

For those who know the pop culture reference, but not the character, here's a little bio: MacGyver was a secret agent for the U.S. government and something called the Phoenix Foundation. He's laid back, highly intelligent and a bit of a pacifist, preferring to avoid violence when possible. He didn't even carry a gun, only a Swiss army knife and duct tape. Each episode was always built around some fantastic device MacGyver created out of common items to get himself out of a jam. No one can build more things out of paper clips, bubblegum and his ever-present duct tape than MacGyver.

Even though the show ended in 1992, he's still a common pop culture reference, and lives on in the SNL skit "MacGruber." I hope the new MacGyver has room for a Will Forte cameo because I wouldn't be surprised if this revival was itself inspired by his Super Bowl commercial. Pop culture is going meta.