Attention Twilighters: Who Do You Want to See Directing 'Eclipse'?

'Twilight'The "Twilight" franchise has officially replaced Batman for crazy rumors and speculation, causing many a Twilight fan to pull their hair out. Lately, the focus has been behind the camera as everyone seems to be in the running to direct the third installment, "Eclipse."

Drew Barrymore's possible involvement caused the most stir, with many doubting that she had the directing chops needed. Barrymore has only one film under her belt, the soon-to-be-released "Whip It!", but many actors successfully transition to directing. So why not?

Many fans might find the latest rumor more promising. According to The Hollywood Reporter, foreign horror director Juan Antonio Bayona is rumored to be in the running. He's a protege of Guillermo del Toro, and was the man behind the critically acclaimed horror film "The Orphanage" and has been sought after by Hollywood ever since. If Bayona signs on, "Twilight" fans could be in for a pretty dark and sinister "Eclipse," which would be pretty fitting considering trail of bodies that litter that installment!

Other names being tossed around this week are Paul Weitz, who has the advantage of being Chris Weitz's brother. Keeping the next two "Twilight" installments in the family would make things a lot easier for Summit, but could really disappoint fans, particularly if Chris Weitz doesn't satisfy them with New Moon.

Another name being considered is James Mangold. He's done everything from Westerns ("3:10 to Yuma") to biopics ("Walk the Line") and has a little romance on his slate with "Kate and Leopold." He's certainly not the first director you think of for a vampire story ... but he's done so many things that he's tough to disqualify.

Kellan Lutz also helped add to the mystery when he told us earlier this week that he believed a male director had briefly held the "Eclipse" job, but had dropped out, leaving the chair wide open. Who could that have been? To be honest, with the way bargaining and schedule conflicts happen overnight in Hollywood, that mystery man could even be one of the names we're discussing right now. Or he could even be backin the running!

Given what a good job you did coming up with bogus Twilight rumors, we thought you might like to discuss the latest director ones, and give us your thoughts as to who you would like take the job. Would you like to see a horror director like Bayona? A master of genres like Mangold? A newcomer like Barrymore?

Get the conversation going in the comments below, Twilight fans. You never know who might be listening!