EXCLUSIVE: New 'Conan' Movie Is 'Not An Homage, Not A Remake,' Says Brett Ratner

'Conan'FROM SPLASH PAGE: When last we heard from "X-Men: The Last Stand" director Brett Ratner, who had previously denied rumors he was attached to a big-screen "Conan" revamp, he was telling MTV News who he'd like to see take on the "Conan" role made famous by a certain Governor of California.

And for someone who, by his own admission, isn't officially attached to the new project featuring one of US President Barack Obama's all-time favorite comic book characters, Ratner certainly knows quite a bit about the new "Conan" movie -- and it looks like "new" seems to be the key word there.

For more on Brett Ratner's plans for a new "Conan" movie, head over to SplashPage.MTV.com.

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