'Miss March' Hottie Raquel Alessi Warns Single Men: Don't Grab Her Boobs

As movie studios often declare before the audio commentaries on their DVDs: The views and opinions of actors do not necessarily reflect ours. And now, just a few weeks after her “Miss March” co-stars gave us advice on how to score hot chicks, certified hottie Raquel Alessi is eager to insist that they don’t reflect her views, either.

“Oh my gosh,” blushed the star when we spoke to her Monday, just a few days before “Miss March” hits theaters this weekend. “I think that, maybe, there might be a better way to get a girl’s attention besides grabbing her boobs.”

The bad advice came courtesy of Trevor Moore and Zach Gregger, two funnymen from The Whitest Kids U’Know who star in “March” as high school pals determined to track down an old girlfriend (Alessi) that has since become a Playboy centerfold. Alessi, who ranked #88 on the Maxim hot 100 list in 2007, said that any guy can pick up a Hollywood hottie as long as they don’t throw water at girls, smoke pipes – or basically do anything else condoned by Moore and Gregger.

“I still drive my old O.J. Bronco that I got when I was 16,” she laughed, shooting down their argument that women are only interested in a man with a fat wallet. “I’m definitely not the looking-for-money girl; I’m just looking for a nice guy.”

One of the best ways to win over a hottie, she said, is to stop trying to be so cool about everything. “I’ve heard girls say that the worse a date goes, and the more a guy tries to make things better in a sweet way, they like them more,” she explained. “Because guys want to control the date and make sure everything goes well. But you can really tell how genuinely nice and sweet a guy is when he’s off his game. Then, he’s just dealing with things on the fly.”

And if that fails, Alessi insisted, just be her buddy. “I think the friend card always works,” she said. “Like, make a girl feel safe, and see what she’s interested in first before you make your move. Don’t be like ‘Hey, baby, what’s your number?’”

Another good idea for single guys, she said, is to hurry up and ask the girl of your dreams out now – and then take her to see “Miss March” on Friday. “It’s a funny, light-hearted, sweet movie,” she grinned.

Girls: What’s your best advice for single men? Guys: What’s the worst pick-up technique you’ve ever tried?