MTV News Chats With 'Knowing' Director Alex Proyas Live In NYC Tuesday Night!

Nicolas Cage in 'Knowing'Did "Dark City" rock your world (I swear that's my last "Rock of Love" reference in this blog) as much as it did mine? Well if it did then you'll understand why it took me about a nanosecond to say yes when the gang at Summit asked if I was interested in moderating an event with director Alex Proyas.

This guy's got the chops. "Dark City," "The Crow," hell even "I, Robot" was kick-ass entertainment in my opinion (yeah I know it's not for Asimov purists but come on...). Proyas' latest is a creepy as hell Nic Cage thriller called "Knowing." I got a chance to see it last week and it delivers more than enough jolts to make you scream for your mommy and beg for mercy. Oh and it's got an ending that'll leave plenty of room for conversation afterwards.

So come on out to the Apple Store in Soho Tuesday night (7PM) in New York if you can. It'll be you, me, and Mr. Proyas. I'll have questions. You'll have questions. Hopefully he'll have a few answers. Come on over! Here athe details on the location.