EXCLUSIVE: Alex Proyas Describes How He Would Treat 'Dark City' Sequel

'Dark City'Alex Proyas will be the first to admit that his film “Dark City,” which fizzled at the box office, took years to find its audience on DVD. Since its release in 1998, though, his story about a nightmare reality faced by an amnesiac trapped in a strange city has absorbed a cult following. Now, the director behind “Knowing” and “I, Robot” may actually get a chance to make a sequel.

“I always thought it would be intriguing to have Rufus [Sewell], who was the hero in the first one, be the bad guy,” Proyas told MTV News. “He should turn nasty because he’s got unlimited power. That’s something I’d like to explore.”

The ideas have surfaced since he originally wrote “Dark City.”

“I didn’t see it as anything other than the movie I made at the time,” he explained. But the attraction is definitely there for Proyas.

Whether or not the original cast, which also included Jennifer Connelly and Kiefer Sutherland, would be on board to do a follow would remain to be seen. According to Proyas, however, the gears are already turning.

"There have been some discussions fairly recently," he said. "It’s had this shelf life and just lately it's done well enough that there have been some discussions about a sequel."

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