Streisand And Hoffman To Return For 'Little Fockers'? Writer Says He Wants Them All Back

Ben Stiller in 'Meet the Fockers'How do you create a follow-up to a series of comedies that grossed $846 million worldwide? In the case of the “Meet the Parents” franchise, you pull together as many of the elements from the first two movies as you can, then pray once again to catch box office lightening in a global bottle. For audiences, that means we can expect every cast member from “Parents” and “Meet the Fockers” to return for the third film, “Little Fockers.”

“I think everybody is going to be back in some capacity,” said John Hamburg, in response to our query of whether Dustin Hoffman and Barbra Streisand would be a part of his script for the sequel. Hamburg is penning a rewrite of the "Fockers" script after Larry Stuckey wrote an earlier version.

So when Hamburg says "everybody," expect everybody. That means Ben Stiller, Robert De Niro, Owen Wilson, Dustin Hoffman, Blythe Danner, Teri Polo and Streisand, whose last film role was in 2004’s “Fockers.”

At least, all those folks are Hamburg’s ideal at the moment. He’s in the middle of the writing process at this point, he told MTV News, so nothing is set in stone. “Right now it’s up to me so right now I’m the most powerful man in Hollywood for the next three weeks,” he said. “As I figure out how to tell the story.”

How about some plot details? Will the story really follow the lives of Stiller’s hapless nurse Greg Focker and his dutiful wife Pam (Polo) now that they have kids? How will Greg’s parents (Hoffman and Streisand) and Pam’s parents (De Niro and Danner) be involved?

“It takes place on a space station,” Hamburg joked. “It’s obvious.”

Pretty much the only major player that won’t be returning to the franchise fold is “Parents” and “Fockers” director Jay Roach. Rumors have been flying about who might take over the director’s chair. Reportedly, the leading candidates include David Wain (“Role Models”), Paul Weitz (“American Pie”) and Peyton Reed (“The Break-Up”). Might Hamburg, who was in town to promote his latest directorial project, “I Love You, Man” also be in the running?

“I can’t talk to you anymore,” said Hamburg, falling into mock Hollywood snootiness. “I’ll tweet you later.”

Happy that the entire cast will return? Got any plot suggestions for Hamburg as he creates the “Little Fockers” story?