'Watchmen' Star Jackie Earle Haley Joins 'Human Target' Cast

Jackie Earle HaleyFROM SPLASH PAGE: The cast of "Watchmen" are clearly loyal to DC properties, whether they're on the big or small screen. Just last week, we confirmed that Jeffrey Dean Morgan had signed on to star in big screen adaptation "The Losers." Now Jackie Earle Haley has elected to remain in the DC/Warner Bros family by costarring in Fox's upcoming series "Human Target," joining Chi McBride ("Pushing Daisies") and Mark Valley ("Fringe").

Based on a DC series, "Human Target" follows Christopher Chance (played by Valley), a freelance detective and private bodyguard who serves his clients in a unique and dangerous way -- he impersonates them, using himself as a target to draw out whoever is threatening the life of his client.

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