'Role Models' Director David Wain Confirms He's In Discussions to Helm 'Little Fockers'

Oh that poor Focker! Ben Stiller’s luckless nurse with a heart of gold and an inability to avoid awkward physical comedy couldn’t catch a break, neither when he met his girlfriends’ parents for the first time nor, in the second movie, when he introduced his soon-to-be in-laws to his own folks. For a couple years, a third film in the “Meet the Parents” franchise has been in the works, one called “Little Fockers,” which presumably would follow the awkward physical comedy Stiller gets into now that he has kids.

After much delay and at least one abandoned script, “Little Fockers” looks to be moving forward. Ben Stiller, Robert De Niro and Owen Wilson are all in negotiations to take part again. John Hamburg, who’s written the Stiller comedy “Along Came Polly” and the forthcoming Paul Rudd/Jason Segel bromance “I Love You, Man,” is penning the script. Jay Roach, however, who helmed the first two "Meet" films, is out as director. So now rumors are flying about who will take over directing duties.

One guy whose name has been popping up is David Wain, a veteran of sketch comedy troupe “The State” and director of last year’s Paul Rudd comedy, “Role Models.” So when we sat down to chat with Wain, who was promoting the release of the “Models” DVD (out Tuesday, March 10), we had to ask if the "Fockers" rumors were true.

“I read that,” he said. “Yeah! I read that I think on the MTV Movies Blog.”


“No comment. Let’s keep it mysterious.”

What, you can’t give me anything? I thought we were boys…

“I’m offering you a very cool hip mysterious no comment.”

But you’re in the running, right? Wink, wink…

“Discussions are being had.”

So there you have it, folks, some sort of vague, non-denial, pronoun-less confirmation that Wain is so totally almost maybe gonna direct "Little Fockers"!!

And yeah, Wain, you read it here first on MTV Movies Blog!

Is Wain—who also wrote and directed “Wet Hot American Summer”—the right man for the job? Would you rather the job go to—also rumored—Paul Weitz (“American Pie”) or Peyton Reed (“The Break-Up”)?