Werner Herzog Hasn't Seen Original 'Bad Lieutenant'

'Bad Lieutenant'When Werner Herzog’s retooled “Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans” enters theaters later this year, don’t expect to see a tuned-in retelling of director Abel Ferrara’s original “Bad Lieutenant.” In fact, expect Nicholas Cage and Eva Mendes to be doing something completely different.

“I haven’t seen [‘Bad Lieutenant’],” Herzog told MTV News outside the Academy Awards this year. “So I can’t compare it. It has nothing to do with it.”

Herzog clarified that his film is its own story, and though this edition of “Bad Lieutenant” may share a name with its predecessor, it’s going to be a cop noir all of its own making. He went as far as to say that his film will reinvent the genre.

“I think it’s a new form of film noir,” he said, echoing Nicholas Cage’s explanation that it would be a reboot of Ferrara’s concept in the vein of the James Bond franchise turn with Daniel Craig.

“It’s not a remake,” the director said. “It’s a completely independent autonomous story.” But he did forecast big things for Cage’s performance in the lead role previously held by Harvey Keitel.

“Nicolas Cage was terrific,” Herzog stated. “You will see something extraordinary when you see him on screen. It’s the best he’s ever done.”

Do you think having not seen the original film will help or Herzog's work in "Bad Lieutenant"? What kind of performance do you expect to see from Nicholas Cage in the new version? Sound off in the comment section below!