Leonardo DiCaprio Joins 'Dark Knight' Helmer Christopher Nolan's 'Inception'

Leonardo DiCaprioThe world knows what Christopher Nolan's next movie isn't doing (i.e. returning to Gotham City) but no one knows just what it is. However, it's starting to take some shape with its casting, as according to The Hollywood Reporter, Leonardo DiCaprio is joining "Inception."

The film is now being described as "a contemporary sci-fi thriller set within the architecture of the mind." Nolan being Nolan, we all knew it would be something along the brain-bending lines of "Memento" and "The Prestige," so that description will have you looking for the story's twist before the film even begins rolling.

While Nolan is no slouch in the casting department, it's pretty cool to see him expand beyond go-to guy Christian Bale, and bring in an actor like DiCaprio. Not only will "Inception" be DiCaprio's first foray into science fiction, but it's kind of a relief to see him work with a director that isn't named Martin Scorsese.

Rumors have Ellen Page coming aboard the film -- and since the rumor mill did end up being right about DiCaprio, don't be surprised if she makes it official soon. Hopefully, that casting announcement will lift the veil on "Inception" a little bit more, so we actually have something to talk about.

MTV readers, are you looking forward to Nolan's next project? Or do you just want him to hurry it up and get to Batman 3 already? Are you glad to see DiCaprio try out sci-fi?