'Hannah Montana' Movie Will Feature 'Very Big' Guest Stars, Says Co-Star

Miley Cyrus in Disney’s unstoppable juggernaut hit “Hannah Montana” is nearing the finish line for the April 10th release of Miley Cyrus’ feature length debut movie, aptly titled "Hannah Montana: The Movie." And now, one of her co-stars is spilling details on some of the top-secret stars who’ll be in one of the year’s most anticipated films.

Mitchel Musso, who plays Cyrus’s comedic friend Oliver (and Mike) in both the show and movie versions of “Hannah Montana,” told us this week that he is sworn to secrecy regarding the movie’s guest stars. “We are so not even supposed to talk about it,” he grinned. “But, there are some very big people.”

First up is a guest star who also appears in the new Jonas Brothers 3-D concert film. “Taylor Swift is in the movie,” the 17-year-old actor revealed. “She’s hilarious, and unbelievably talented.”

Adding "I hate hiding it,” Musso revealed that the other big-name stars aren’t merely Disney talents. “I’m saying big, feature film stars and big musicians.”

“Hannah Montana: The Movie” will also aim to show a more real side of Miley’s life. “It has a lot more drama,” Musso explained. “There’s a lot of sentimental things [in the script] that came from her heart and Billy Ray’s heart…They shot in all the areas they use to hang out in.” For those who don’t already know, a portion of the movie is filmed in Tennessee, where Miley was born and grew up.

“Miley doesn’t want to be Hannah Montana,” he said of the plot. “She wants to go back [home] and be her own thing, and falls in love with a boy there and doesn’t want to leave.”

“It’s a little bit more mature, but still very family friendly,” Musso said of the biggest differences between the “Hannah Montana” show and upcoming movie. “The new movie, first of all, you’re going to get a lot of different camera angles; it’s going to look like a different thing. In the [TV show], we only have one or two camera angles, so we film over and over again. In the movie, it’s more us. Not so much energy, more like real people.”

“I’ve seen it, it’s awesome,” Musso revealed. “I can’t wait for it to premiere.”

How about you? Are you more eager to see the JoBros movie, or “Hannah Montana” on the big screen?