AnnaLynne McCord Looks 'Fired Up' At Movie Premiere: Red Carpet Recap

While Hollywood and young girls everywhere are abuzz with rumors of AnnaLynne McCord's potential "New Moon" casting (come on, she'd be perfect as Leah, not that you asked), the "90210" starlet has a lot going on. Her movie "Fired Up," a cheer leading flick, is out today, and yesterday at the premiere McCord showed off her tiny smokin' hot bod in a feisty black mini at the premiere.

Now, I'm no fashion genius, but if you're wearing a completely backless dress, and the top-half of the dress is not form-fitting, you stand up very straight with your shoulders back as to prevent any "oopsies" from happening. Being the daring chic that she is (or at least how she is on "90210"), McCord performed a pretty precarious act while leaning forward to blow kisses to the waiting cameras. (See the photo after the jump, and then check out the rest of the photos from the "Fired Up" premiere.)

Either she is a pro or practiced at home, because if you look closely, that right arm of hers is tightly pressed against the side of the dress to keep the sides from falling forward. And I can only assume her stylist taped the sides in place, because one wrong move ... well, let's not go there.

Even if you had the body for this dress, would you wear such a revealing outfit?