Wil Wheaton Joins The 'Spoilers' Show, And Makes One MTV'er Giddy

Wil Wheaton and Vanessa White WolfJust a few days before the taping of "Spoilers" (airing this Saturday at 8pm EST) we decided that we wanted a "Star Trek" expert to weigh in on a few shots we'd be showing in our exclusive featurette. I emailed our senior online producer, Brian, a huge "Trek" fan, to see if he could think of any LA-based experts to invite on the show. He immediately suggested "Stand By Me" and "Star Trek: The Next Generation" star Wil Wheaton, easily one of the biggest, most high-profile “Trek” fans around (famously the only “TNG” castmember who was a fan of the franchise going into it).

Brian made some calls and a few hours later, emailed me with the excellent news that Wil was totally into the idea and would love to attend the taping. As a Trekker and an avowed comics fan who believes “Watchmen” changed his life, he was the perfect addition to the “Spoilers” family.

A few minutes later, Brian sent an introductory email to both Wil and I -- and I've gotta say, I was a little nervous sending him the details, having had a huge crush on him in "Toy Soldiers."

Wil arrived with friend Chris Hardwick and could not have been nicer, more excited, and more of a dreamboat. Right?

They took their seats and when we got to the "Star Trek" segment, co-host Tim Kash headed over to conduct the interview. Wil was fantastic - hilarious, totally gave great insight on a few questions we had, and also alluded to a little Kirk/Uhura offscreen romance way back when. The audience was psyched to see him and I truly believe his appearance is going to be a big highlight in this already fantastic episode. But decide for yourself - tune into "SPOILERS" this Saturday, at 8pm EST.