Katherine Heigl Hooks Up With Ashton Kutcher For 'Five Killers'

Katherine HeiglLast October, we brought you news that Ashton Kutcher was mixing a little more bullets and blood with his broad comedy with "Five Killers." Now he's got a costar who is clearly itching for a chance to fire a gun, as Variety reports that Katherine Heigl has just signed on to help him fend off those five killers.

The initial storyline was an action comedy centered on a former hit man whose ugly past came back to finish him off. Now the film is being touted as a thriller, but has added the distinctly unthrilling element of romantic comedy, as Heigl will be playing a single girl who meets Mr. Right while on vacation.

She marries him, only to have newlywed bliss shattered when she and the mister discover that their neighbors are assassins hired to kill them. So, in other words, they're remaking "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" already.

"Killers" will not only keep Heigl in the comfort zone of romance, Mr. Right, and will-she-leave "Grey's Anatomy" rumors, but it will reunite her with director Robert Luketic. The pair just filmed "The Ugly Truth" last year, so we can assume they got along well. Filming begins next month in Atlanta and the South of France.

MTV readers, are Heigl and Kutcher the action duo of your dreams? Or does this sound too much like every other film they've made?