Iconic Toy 'Stretch Armstrong' Reaches Into Theaters

Stretch ArmstrongWhen Hasbro and Universal struck a deal to turn toy and game properties into movies, I don't know that we ever thought it would go this far. "Transformers" and "G.I. Joe" made sense, as they had cartoons and comic books to make movies out of. Then came plans to turn board games like "Monopoly" and "Candyland" into movies -- plans that attracted talent like Ridley Scott. Now comes "Stretch Armstrong." According to Variety, Steve Oedekerk ("Bruce Almighty") has been hired to pen a script for a superhero comedy based on the stretchy, half-naked toy.

Surprisingly, this is not the first attempt to get Stretch Armstrong onto the big screen. In 1998, Disney attempted to make a Stretch movie starring Danny DeVito, and later tried to revive the character with Jackie Chan. Try not to contemplate how scary a stretching DeVito or Chan would be.

It's not clear what the plot of Stretch will be, or whether it will include the spin-off toys Fetch Armstrong (the dog) or his evil brother, Evil X-Ray Wretch Armstrong. After all, adding them into the mix can't be any more difficult than giving Stretch Armstrong a superhero origin story.

In the meantime, we can ponder whether Stretch's powers will be any easier on the eyes than Reed Richards' were in "Fantastic Four," and what toys will be optioned next. Surely, My Little Pony can't be far behind?

MTV readers, does a Stretch Armstrong movie make you worried for the future of popcorn flicks? Or are you all for seeing your favorite toys on the big screen?