Aaron Eckhart, Richard Jenkins Join Johnny Depp In 'The Rum Diary'

Aaron EckhartLast week, we brought you the news that Amber Heard would be romancing Johnny Depp (and showing a lot of skin in the process) in "The Rum Diaries." Now the rest of the cast has been filled out, which means Depp's Hunter S. Thompson project is finally becoming a reality.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Aaron Eckhart and Richard Jenkins have joined the cast of the 1950s drama. Eckhart will play Sanderson, a wealthy landowner who believes everything can be bought.

He introduces Depp's journalist character, Paul Kemp, to a new way of life -- and to his girlfriend, Chenault (Heard). Cue the jealousy, backstabbing, and sex as Chenault and Kemp hook up, and she tries to convince him to run away with her.

Jenkins, who is snagging role after role after his Oscar nomination, will play Lotterman. He has the unlucky job of overseeing the rundown newspaper that employs the alcoholic Kemp and the handsome Sanderson.

As we reported previously, Bruce Robinson will be directing, and has penned the screenplay for Depp's shingle, Infinitum Nilhil. The film begins shooting on March 30 in Puerto Rico so it's now official -- this IS Johnny Depp's next film, no matter what Pirates or Tim Burton rumors you might hear in the meantime.

Is this a Johnny Depp role that'll put you in a theater seat? Let us know what you think below.

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