Jennifer Aniston Becomes Jason Bateman's Baby Mama In 'The Baster'

Jennifer AnistonHere's a movie plot that might make you squirm in your seat a little bit. According to Variety, Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman have signed on to star in "The Baster" -- and yes, it's all right there in the title.

"The Baster" centers on Bateman, who plays a neurotic and insecure man who finds out his best friend is planning to get pregnant via artificial insemination. He decides to swap the donor's sperm with his own and presto, ends up making a baby with Aniston. She has no idea who the true father is, and he is forced to live with the secret of being a baby-daddy. I suspect it will turn out all right in the end, and true love will be realized, but it just seems like a rather icky way to go about it, doesn't it?

Will Speck and Josh Gordon ("Blades of Glory") will direct the film from a screenplay by Allan Loeb. Believe it or not, the film was actually based on Jeffery Eugenides' short story in the New Yorker. So while it may make "Knocked Up" seem rather Puritan, it has a classy literary origin. The film begins shooting this spring.

MTV readers, is this your kind of romantic comedy? Or does it sound more like a gross out laugh fest? Do you wish Aniston would take a break from "single chick" films? Let's get this discussion started.