Brad Bird Updates '1906’ And 'Toy Story 3’

'Toy Story'Longtime friend of Henry Selick, Brad Bird was on hand tonight at the Portland premiere of "Coraline", treating MTV News to updates on his first live-action feature, "1906” and updating us on the status of "Toy Story 3."

"The best way to sum up ["1906”]," says Bird, "would be that it's a romantic, epic, mystery with lots of action in it, based around events leading up to and through the earthquake in San Francisco in 1906."

The basest level of pre-production has already begun as Bird is looking for places to shoot while trying to put finishing touches on the script.

"It's really a hard script to write. Mostly because there are so many things going on in that place in that particular period of time. Any time you're going toward something, you're going away from five other cool things... We'll see if they have the courage to make it. We're proceeding as if."

The "they" in question include three different studios. Bird describes it as "Pixar-adjacent," officially a WB picture with some Disney involvement.

Shooting in life action, Bird explains that much of the city of San Francisco will have to be done with special effects like was done with Peter Jackson's "King Kong." As for cast, he has a few people in mind, but doesn't want to reveal anything quite yet.

"There are some wonderful people who are interested in it and I hope they're still interested when I finish the script."

Meanwhile, Bird has caught glimpses at the "Toy Story 3” pre-production going on around him and had a few updates:

"It's about ready to go into production. They're just about finished with "Up!" and then the animators will regain their senses for a few weeks."

Though I pressed him for more details, Brad only laughed.

"You're trying to trick me! There are some new characters, yes. It's going to be a lot of fun."

Who would you like to see cast in "1906”? What new toys should take the forefront in "Toy Story 3"? Share your thoughts below!

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