Amber Heard Takes A Swing From Johnny Depp's 'Rum Diaries'

Johnny DeppJohnny Depp's "The Rum Diaries" seems to have been stuck in pre-production for ages now (since 2003 if you want to be really precise), but it may have just gotten a big push forward. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Amber Heard is in negotiations to costar with Depp in the Hunter S. Thompson adaptation.

Directed by Bruce Robinson, "Diaries" is the story of a washed-up, hard drinking journalist named Paul Kemp. Heard will play Chenault, who becomes the center of a love triangle between Kemp and his fellow journalist Sanderson, a part which has yet to be cast. She's Sanderson's free-spirited girlfriend, but cheats with Kemp, and tries to convince him to run away with her.

The role has reportedly been coveted by actresses from Keira Knightley to Scarlett Johansson, though the nudity required has caused a few big names to shy away from the part. But Heard (who apparently spends all of "The Informers" in her birthday suit) isn't daunted by the nudity requirement -- and I imagine a few of our readers would be willing to strip too if it meant getting to share scenes with Depp.

Heard is quickly on her way to becoming a household name -- and has already had quite a week in the trades, as she was just announced as the lead in John Carpenter's "The Ward," and also has a cameo in Woody Harrelson's "Zombieland."

Readers, are you hoping Heard's addition finally gets "The Rum Diaries" off the ground, so we can have some dramatic Depp?