'G.I. Joe' Super Bowl Ad Leaves This Lifetime Joe Fan Underwhelmed

G.I. Joe, I don't know. Out of all the Super Bowl commercials, I was most interested in seeing the "G.I. Joe.: The Rise of Cobra" teaser. Growing up, I was a tremendous, tremendous fan of Joe. I had all the toys and all the episodes on VHS. "Knowing is half the battle." I'm still not sure if the "Joe" movie will live up to the decades of anticipation.

The preview seemed a little cartoonish. There's a great shot of Snake Eyes (everybody's favorite character) jumping over a tumbling car. However, I'm not convinced yet if "G.I. Joe" will be too kiddie for me to fully enjoy.

Take me back. Take me back to the '80s, when G.I. Joe was the baddest cartoon franchise of its day. "Thundercats," "Transformers," "He-Man" -- none of them could hang with the Joes and their myriad of characters (shout-out to Zartan and the evil twin brothers!). Or the story lines (Joes had a weather dominator, for goodness sakes!).

So all I ask of the producers is to take me back to keen storytelling and nonstop action. I want to be excited like a kid on August 7, but I don't want to see anything childish.

The main thing that befuddled me with the trailer was there was hardly any instant recognition. Snake Eyes, yes. Scarlett, yes. Storm Shadow and the Baroness, no doubt. But where's Cobra Commander and Destro with the mask? Is Dennis Quaid supposed to be Flint or General Hawk? Where's Duke's bright-yellow hair? And who the hell are Simon Adibesi from "Oz" and Marlon Wayans supposed to be?

I don't know, guys. I do know that despite my gripes, I'm positive they'll get my money this summer. I hope it will be worth it.

Now that you've seen the clip, what do you think of the "G.I. Joe" trailer?