'Wall-E' Won't Be Charging Up For Sequel, Says Film's Director

'Wall-E'At the end of “WALL-E,” the intergalactic Buy n Large cruise ship returned to an Earth freshly blossoming with life after several centuries of garbage-strewn toxicity. Our loveable title character and his high-tech hottie girlfriend EVE looked well on their way to some version of robotic bliss. What happens next we’ll never know: there won’t be a sequel.

“Personally, I never consider sequels,” WALL-E writer/director Andrew Stanton told MTV News. “I think that takes a lot of hubris to think that your idea is going to live on and on, and I always love the idea of something just being contained and done.” But didn’t Stanton co-write the screenplay for “Toy Story 2”? Maybe there’s a chance someday for a second go at WALL-E?

Pressed if he had any ideas in mind for the characters in the animated feature, Stanton was blunt: “Not for me, no."

"We work on these things for so long,” he explained, “that we have a hard time simply thinking that the [first] film is ever going to be done. I’m not against sequels, and I’ve certainly experienced personally and seen secondhand great sequels, but I don’t go in with that intent.”

Alas, fans will have to console themselves with the three-disc special edition DVD which, in addition to the actual film, contains “Making of” featurettes, animated shorts, audio commentary, sneak peeks, inside looks, story books and deleted scenes. All that, and our—sniff—memories of the purity of WALL-E’s romance with EVE.

Got any of your own ideas for a WALL-E sequel? Come up with something good enough and you might convince Stanton to reconsider!