Mark Wahlberg And Will Ferrell Join The Force For 'The B Team'

Mark WahlbergAfter Mark Wahlberg scared and confused us by going after Andy Samberg on SNL (Was he kidding? Was he serious?), the general consensus seemed to be that Wahlberg really needed to lighten up. Maybe he should do a comedy or something. Well, he took our advice. According to Variety, Wahlberg and Will Ferrell are teaming up for "The B Team."

The film is just a spec script on the horizon, and is being penned by Adam McKay and Chris Henchy. All we know is that it's an action-comedy, and Wahlberg and Farrell will play cops. Will Wahlberg play the straight man to Ferrell? Or will he pull out some of that "Say hello to your mother for me" charm?

However it goes, it should be a good oppertunity for Wahlberg to mock his propensity for uniforms -- he's played a cop four times in the past three years.

The project is being fast-tracked into production, but may face a stumbling block with the name. As we reported last month, "The A-Team" is being set up at Fox with Joe Carnahan. But Sony is racing to register the title, apparently unable to resist the in-joke that will cause all over movie websites like ours.

MTV readers, do you think Mark Wahlberg can do action-comedy? Do you think he'll leave the jokes to Farrell?