Black Is The New Black At 'Twilight' Event In Japan: Red Carpet Recap

Did you know that "Twilight" hasn't premiered in Japan yet? In fact, the film won't hit theaters until April 4th, which is after the DVD release here in the United States! Can you imagine being the last country to receive the film, having to wait almost 5 extra months to experience Bella and Edward's on-screen chemistry?

Oh! The! Agony!

Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner traveled to Japan to promote "Twilight" -- not that it needs promotion these days, but Twilighters are Twilighters, and it's only fair that those in Japan get their chance to see the stars in person. (Check out photos after the jump, and then take a look at the entire Japanese "Twilight" event photo gallery here.)

The trio seemed very coordinated in their dark ensembles. Kristen wore a tight black dress with white detailing on the bottom, all in what looks like leather. That girl always seems to be in leather these days! Robert chose a dark suit over a brown button-down and olive striped tie, all of which doesn't seem to match but ... since when does Robert match, right? And Taylor wore all black: black suit, black shirt, no tie. Very sleek.

Everyone looked like they were having a blast with their Japanese fans, and all three were all smiles.

If you were a Twilighter living in Japan, would you wait until April 4th to see the film? Or would you ask a friend to mail you the DVD ASAP?