Kristen Bell Talks About Possible 'Veronica Mars' Movie

Since "Veronica Mars" ended its run in 2007, fans of the much-loved teen-detective series have been waiting anxiously for the show to make its big return in the form of a movie. Creator Rob Thomas (no, not the guy from Matchbox 20) promised the show's cult fanbase that one day, he would bring the feisty private investigator to the big screen

The show's star, Kristen Bell, is also hoping the movie will finally come together. "I cannot give you an update, but I will tell you we're trying to make it happen," she told MTV News on the set of Thomas' new project, "Party Down," a comedy series airing on the Starz channel about aspiring actors/ cater waiters, for which Bell was filming a cameo. "When making a movie, there are a lot of different entities that have to be involved — mainly money."

From the set of "Party Down," where many of her "Veronica Mars" castmates have found jobs, she added, "As soon as all that is assembled, I know that everyone is excited and ready to go. We just have to pull it together. ... Rob left here to go meet with [producer] Joel [Silver], so we'll see."

Kristen loved being on the set of "Party Down," since it was a family reunion of sorts. " 'Veronica Mars' was such an important part of my life," she said about the show. "I miss these people so much, and Rob was on set today. It's really nice to be back."

If the "Veronica Mars" movie gets the green light, Kristen hopes it happens before she ages too much to play the young Mars. "I think we'd have to start in college, 'cause we're getting up there," she said. "I keep telling them to make it before I get too old."

She also said that once the stars align, Thomas already has some ideas about the direction the movie will go in. "He explained a couple of the plotlines or his thoughts about what he would want to write about. I loved them all," she said. "I certainly don't tell him what to write. He comes up with his own brilliance and then shares it. He's always willing to receive input. The main ideas are his, and they're great as always."