Russell Crowe's 'Robin Hood' Finds His Maid Marian In Cate Blanchett

Cate BlanchettLast week MTV News caught up with Ridley Scott, who finally revealed just what was going on with "Nottingham" -- it was now "Robin Hood" with Russell Crowe as the titular archer. Now Robin has found his lady love, as Variety reports that Maid Marian is to be played by the lovely Cate Blanchett.

Scott already told us that his "Robin Hood" would be a fairly traditional one, and the new plot details reveal that it will be an original story that follows the historical period a little closer than Kevin Costner did. The noble Robin of Loxley is abandoned as a child, and finds refuge with the common people of Nottingham. But his abandonment leaves him unwilling to trust in others, until he meets a strong, independent woman named Marian.

You might remember that Sienna Miller was once attached to play Marian, but dropped out after rumors claimed that she was too young and hot to star opposite an older, heavier Crowe. Scott dismissed the rumors, and producer Brian Grazer says they chose Blanchett because she was a strong match for Crowe.

"They are both highly accomplished dramatic actors who are taken seriously playing rich characters in period pieces, but each has the ability to show you fun," Grazer said.

Filming begins in April in England, and will a nice budget of $130 million for all those arrows. Scott says they're aiming for PG-13 though, so don't expect those arrows to do anything too nasty.

MTV readers, do you think Cate Blanchett will make a good Maid Marian? Better than Sienna Miller? What do you think of Scott's version of the Robin Hood legend?

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