Heath Ledger's Family Calls His Final Performance 'Amazing,' But Will We Ever See It?

Heath LedgerNow that he’s an Oscar winner, one would think that the world is even more eager to see Heath Ledger’s final performance. One would think that the addition of several of Hollywood’s hottest actors would make the film even more desirable. But judging by the trouble director Terry Gilliam is having as he tries to find distribution for “The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus,” one would be wrong.

This past weekend, Ledger’s family accepted his Oscar and then came backstage to discuss the deceased star. And according to them, “Parnassus” is going to be something special.

“We've seen some [of it],” explained Heath’s sister Kate Ledger, revealing that director Terry Gilliam recently provided a special mini-screening for the actor’s immediate family. “We have seen a little bit of footage.”

Cast as the enigmatic character Tony, Ledger passed away in the middle of the film’s shoot in early 2008. “He only completed, I think, about a third of the film,” explained Kate.

Luckily for all involved, Ledger had a meaningful friendship with the legendary Gilliam, who had previously directed the star in “The Brothers Grimm” with Matt Damon. The actor also had many other loyal friends, who came to Gilliam’s rescue as a tribute to their fallen fellow-thespian.

“We've had some incredible actors [volunteer],” said Kate Ledger, listing the names of the A-listers who stepped in to play other facets of the “Tony” character after her brother passed. “Johnny Depp and Jude Law and Colin Farrell [all] stepped in to complete it.”

Heath was quite the fan of Gilliam, according to Kate. “Terry is amazing and Heath always had such enthusiasm and interest in whatever Terry was doing,” she explained.

And now, if Gilliam can only get his film a U.S. buyer and distributor, we can all finally see what the Ledger family recently got a sneak peek at. “I think it's going to be amazing,” marveled Kate.

Are you eager to see Ledger’s final collaboration with Gilliam? Or would you prefer to think of “The Dark Knight” as his final performance?