Seth Rogen Confirms: Facebook Outs the 'Green Hornet' Director That Almost Was

Seth RogenFROM SPLASH PAGE: By now, you’ve most likely heard the beyond-awesome news that Seth Rogen’s “Green Hornet” movie will be directed by Mr. Michel Gondry, one of the most visually-stunning directors in Hollywood. But, being a movie buff, I’m always intrigued by the “What if?” possibilities of Steve McQueen starring in “The Bodyguard,” Christopher Walken as Han Solo, and so on.

Which is why I was intrigued when, moments after the Gondry news broke, I noticed that my Facebook friend James Wan had changed his status. “Damn you Michel Gondry *shaking fists*,” read the message from the “Saw” director. “Oh well the better man won.”

Moments later, James took the status update down. But lucky for us, Seth isn’t the type of Hollywood phony who hides behind “no comments” and the like.

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